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Are you still on PD3.0? PD3.1 fast charging technology major update, 240W charger is coming!

Today’s chargers on the market can support up to 100W of charging watts, for the use of 3C products have little demand for the public is quite enough, but modern people have an average of 3-4 electronic products, the demand for electricity has increased substantially. USB Developer Forum launched PD3.1 in the middle of 2021, which can be regarded as a great leap forward in the era of fast charging. It can not only meet the large amount of electricity demand of modern people, but also can be applied in a variety of fields. Therefore, this article will take you step by step to understand GaN fast charging appliances, mainstream fast charging technology on the market and let you understand the difference between PD3.0 and PD3.1 at a time!

Why is gallium nitride GaN used in many fast charging devices?

In modern life, 3C products have reached the point where they cannot be separated. With the gradual improvement of people’s use demand, the functions of 3C products are becoming more and more new, not only the product efficiency leaps forward, but also the battery capacity is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of users to have enough power and reduce the charging time, “fast charging appliance” came into being.

Because the traditional charger charging power device used in not only easy to fever bulky, easy to cause the inconvenience of use, so now many chargers have been imported GaN as a major power components, not only greatly improve charging efficiency, meet the needs of users, light weight, small volume, also let the charger efficiency a big step forward.

● Why only 100W of charging cable is supported in the market?

● The higher the wattage, the less time it takes to charge. Within safe limits, the charging power of each charger can be multiplied by the voltage (volt /V) and the current (ampere /A) to obtain the charging power (watt /W). From GaN (gallium nitride) technology into the charger market, by increasing the power of the way, making more than 100W charging power, has become an achievable goal.

● However, when consumers choose GaN chargers, they also need to pay attention to whether the device they hold in their hands supports fast charging. Although GaN chargers have high power to improve charging efficiency, they need chargers, charging cables and mobile phones to fully play the effect of fast charging in order to enjoy the effect of fast charging.

● If technology is no longer an issue, why do many fast charging devices on the market still only support 100W of charging power?”

● In fact, this is because it is limited by the fast charge protocol USB PD3.0, and in June 2021, the international USB-IF Association released the latest USB PD3.1 fast charge protocol, fast charge is no longer limited to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other 3C supplies. In the future, whether it is TV, server or various power tools and other high wattage products can be used fast charge, not only greatly expand the fast charge application market, but also further improve the convenience of consumers in use.

Post time: Aug-30-2022