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Brief discussion on the difference between HDMI2.0 and 2.1

HDMI means High Definition Multimedia Interface. This specification was gradually initiated by 7 enterprises such as sony, Hitachi, Konka, Toshiba, Philips, Siliconimage and Thomson (RCA) in April 2002. It unifies and simplifies the wiring of user terminal, replaces digital signal and video, and brings higher network bandwidth information transmission speed and intelligent high-quality transmission of audio and video data signals.

HDMI 2.1 Cable

1. Large network bandwidth capacity

HDMI 2.0 has a bandwidth capacity of 18Gbps, while HDMI2.1 can operate at 48Gbps. As a result, HDMI2.1 can transmit other information with higher resolution and higher frame rate.

cable specification

2. Screen resolution and frame count

A new HDMI2.1 specification now supports 7680×4320@60Hz and 4K@120hz. 4K includes the 4096 x 2160 resolution and 3840 x 2160 pixels of true 4K, but in the HDMI2.0 standard, ** only supports 4K@60Hz.

3. Fluency

When playing 4K video, HDMI2.0 has a higher frame count than HDMI2.1, making it smoother.

4. Variable refresh rate

HDMI2.1 has a variable refresh rate and fast frame transfer, both of which reduce latency and potentially eliminate input latency completely. It also supports dynamic HDR, whereas HDMI2.0 supports static HDR.

HDMI interfaces are widely used in multimedia entertainment devices such as TVS, surveillance devices, HD players, and home game consoles, while DP is mainly used in graphics cards and computer monitors. Both are HD digital interfaces that can provide both HD video and audio output, so the two are often compared, but with the popularity of high resolution and high refresh rate resources, HDMI2.0 first fatigued, and many people want DP1.4 for their TVS. However, with the introduction of the more bandwidth and lower cost HDMI2.1, the advantages of the DP1.4 interface disappeared. Therefore, compared with DisplayPort cable, HDMI has a better general-purpose model in the general consumer market, which enables users to have better use experience and enjoy HD without additional purchase of other converters.

Post time: Dec-21-2022