10 in 1 USB-C 8K HDMI MST hub

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MULTIPLE USB C DOCKING STATION: Docking station can easily extend your laptop from USB-C/type c port to 10 ports. You can get 2*4K@60HZ HDMI, 2*10Gbps USB3.1 ports, 3*5G USB 3.1 ports, 1*10G USB C 3.2 ports,USB C 100W PD3.0 Charger, 1*RJ45 port,Gigabit Ethernet, all in 1 multiple USB C hub. The great docking station can be inserted to link multiple devices for fast data transfer, display expansion, internet connection, and charging.

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4K DUAL MONITOR & TRIPLE DISPLAY: With the laptop docking station, on DP1.4/2.0 laptop, singly connecting HDMI can achieve 3840x2160@60HZ(4K@60HZ); When connecting 2 monitors, HDMI 1 can achieve 3840x2160@60HZ, HDMI 2 can achieve 3840x2160@60HZ; Windows laptops can support SST & MST Modes, and macOS can support SST Modes(Limited by Mac itself).

USB3.1 10GGBPS HIGN SPEED DATA TRANSFER: USB C Multiple Hub is equipped with 3* USB3.1, 2* USB 3.2, 1*USB C 10G. The latest USB3.1 port can achieve 10Gbps data transfer speed, which transfers files or pic in seconds. Compared with USB3.0, USB3.1 is twice faster. USB 3.0 can connect to mouse, keyboard, USB disk without delay, and extend your workspace easily.

GIGABIT ETHERNET & 100W PD CHARGING: The USB C Multiple Adapter is designed with ethernet port and USB-C PD charging port. Gigabit Ethernet port gives you stable and fast Ethernet status and speed. Meanwhile, it supports up to 100W charging (Input 100W, Output 87W). Please use the original charger or PD3.0 charger for stable and fast charging for your laptop.

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